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Florence — Cowboy Cradle of the Southwest

Although Florence (founded in 1866) has a historical pedigree, (fifth oldest settlement in Arizona and more buildings listed on the National Registry than any other town in the state), it is NOT overly charming. The first vision of the town is of the 100 year old prison complex complete with razor wire and an inmate crafts outlet store.

In the 1930s ranching gave birth to a vibrant rodeo culture that continues to this day. Florence launched the careers of many well known rodeo stars ...  thus the city motto.

The historic downtown is a time capsule from the silver boom of the 1880s ... when the 28 establishments lining Main Street provided refuge for the miners and cowboys who could quench their thirst, gamble, and enjoy female companionship. Although preservation is ongoing, many buildings are still vacant and in disrepair.  

Because of its old west ambience, Florence has been used as the setting for 13 Hollywood movies including Stir Crazy, Three Amigos, and Billy Jack. The best known was the 1985 Murphy’s Romance with Sally Field and James Garner.

The building on the left was the drugstore in Murphy's Romance.

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