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Reflection — an interactive sculpture that allows viewers to look at a rotating bed of flowers through kaleidoscopes.

Mesa Town Center — Everyone’s Neighborhood

If you are looking for the heart of Mesa ... this is it. This small shopping area on Main Street is located on the original mile square town site founded in 1878 by the Mormon Pioneers.

The first impression is that the area is oddly old fashioned. It takes awhile to grasp that the buildings were planned in a bygone era when providing shade in commercial architecture was a priority. The storefronts were designed with large overhangs that provide deep cooling shade for pedestrians.

It is the shade that invites one to stroll the sidewalks, to enjoy the mom and pop shops, antique stores, art galleries, music stores and restaurants.

We were fortunate to visit Mesa during the 6th Annual Sculptures in the Streets exhibit. Seventy-eight sculptures were displayed along a mile-stretch of downtown Mesa's Main Street. Twenty-two of the bronzes were from Mesa's permanent collection. We enjoyed the self-guided walking tour and couldn't resist taking so many photos.

Doh! Doh! — Designed to make you laugh ... this sculpture was inspired by Homer Simpson, known for exclaiming "Doh!" after making a mistake.

Truth — One of Mesa's permanent sculptures ... this newsboy shouts the paper's headline: Truth!

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