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Miami — Antiques, Edsels, Airstreams, and Tamales

Miami is decaying. We got that impression when we saw the vacant deteriorating buildings, potholed streets and rickety houses. The cloudy day made the town look drearier. Many of the storefronts have not been renovated and the vintage signs, dilapidated doorways, and a rusting Edsel … along with a couple of old Airstreams, are all remnants of a bygone era. The funny thing is … life goes on here. The locals don’t seem to notice or maybe they just don’t care. School buses were dropping off students, the sheriff cars were patrolling the streets and the Cooper Mine smelter is still ... well, smelting. So who are we to be so critical? We decided to look past our first impressions and enjoy what charm we could find.

First we must emphasis that decay or not, there are two very good reasons to visit Miami. Reason number one is to eat at Guayo’s el Rey. This Mexican restaurant has been run by the same family since 1938. Sunset Magazine rated their tamales as some of the best in the West and we whole heartily agree. The prices seem stuck in another era ... a tamale with rice, beans, and chips is only $4.30. Be forewarned this is a popular place ... so go for a late lunch or early dinner to avoid the crowds.

We spotted this interesting place on Highway 60 near Miami's west entrance.

Reason number two is to peruse the numerous antique stores that line Sullivan Street. The shops were closed when we were there, but a peak in the windows told us they have the "juice".

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