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Tucson — Tom Mix, Box Sets and Old Money Luxury

After receiving a recall notice on the Airstream telling us that the wheels could fall off, we made an appointment with the Airstream dealer in Tucson. Actually, we made an appointment with the dealer in Mesa … but they were too stupid and incompetent to understand the concept of an appointment. After being parked in Gold Canyon for five months it felt good to be out on the road again.

We decided to take the back highway into Tucson …The Pioneer Scenic Highway. The road was not particularity scenic but one interesting site was the Tom Mix Monument (one of those names everyone recognizes but no one knows why). Here a rather poignant memorial commemorates the site where Tom Mix died in a freak car accident. With guns so prevalent in Arizona, it wasn’t surprising to find the monument full of bullet holes. You can click on the photo for more detail of the holey horse. As we approached Tucson we missed the turnoff to I-10 and ended up driving right through the heart of downtown. What an experience…the streets were narrow, congested and steep, but we now feel fearless to take the Airstream anywhere (except, perhaps, Zaire or Afghanistan).

While the Airstream was at the dealer, we decided to enjoy a few hours of culture and relaxation in the big city. First stop was the Center for Creative Photography located on the University of Arizona campus. The exhibit Boxed Sets: Portfolios of the Seventies was mesmerizing and expanded our knowledge of many preeminent photographers. We especially enjoyed viewing the works of Brassai, Harold Edgerton, Edward Steichen, Richard Avedon, and Phil Davis (The Dexter Portfolio).

Milkdrop Coronet — 1957 The Harold E. Edgerton 1992 Trust

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