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Vintage Mesa — Citrus Groves and Retro Neon

"Why build up when you can sprawl out." seems to be the motto for the city of Mesa. The result is that all but a few of the citrus groves in northeast Mesa have been plowed under to make way for subdivisions. The good news, however, is that there are a handful of holdouts who still operate small roadside stands next to their family owned citrus groves. We especially enjoyed visiting B&B Farms and The Orange Patch ... and discovering the sweetness of Algerian Tangerines.

Oranges, lemons, tangelos and grapefruit are sold the same day they are picked.

Fruit is packed for delivery anywhere in the world.

This fearsome jungle beast stands permanently roaring to scare away any would-be citrus thieves. Mesa sleeps soundly knowing that the citrus lion is on guard.

Remnants of the citrus groves are still found in some of the older (and upscale!) subdivisions in northeast Mesa.

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