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Creston — Valley of the Swans

Creston is scenic, quiet and comfortable. It’s a town of strikingly different terrains … yellow fields of alfalfa and canola, green hills topped with pine forests, along with a patchwork of small family owned fruit orchards (the lampin cherry being the primary crop).

Historic grain elevators stand as testimony to the importance of the alfalfa and canola crops.


This large mural in the center of town, depicting the four seasons, certainly adds a splash of color. A larger version can be seen in our Panorama Gallery.


The vegetation in this small birdcage is billed as Canada’s Smallest Park.


A block from the main drag we unexpectedly encountered a jolt of colorful whimsy at the community garden.

Half the fun of visiting the Creston Museum is touring the unique stone house built between 1952 and 1962 by an eccentric master stone mason. Unique may be an understatement … embedded in the stone walls are granite tombstones, figurines and car windshields.

One ghoulish aspect was the crypt in the middle of the dining room (county inspectors prevented its use and required that that it be bricked over). Can’t even imagine eating dinner knowing there was a dead body under the table. Perhaps it was something he ate?

A small trapper’s cabin built in 1929 was relocated to the museum grounds. When Danny stood next to the door, it was obvious that this was one tiny trapper!

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