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A field of California poppies ... the official state flower.

We are proud to be Californians (actually Danny was born in Kansas ... but he couldn't help it). Whatever else ails our home state, we are secure in the knowledge that our elected politicians on both sides of the aisle have the wisdom and courage to tackle the really tough issues. When the scions of Sacramento realized that California was one of few states without an official dance, they quickly jumped on the issue and proclaimed the West Coast Swing as the Official State Dance. These brave men and women again demonstrated that they have the "right stuff" when they selected an Official State Tartan. It is such a comfort knowing that we can finally jump, jive and wail while wearing state sanctioned attire. Ah … being from California can be so sweet ... if not a bit goofy.


Mount Shasta and Vicinity


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California is a fine place to live — if you happen to be an orange.

— Fred Allen —