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Mount Shasta — Cosmic Power Center

Mount Shasta is the most beautiful mountain in California. We spotted this awe-inspiring giant when we were 100 miles away and it dominated the view as we approached. During our two week visit we found that the perpetually snow capped peaks were never out of sight … never is the operative word since Mount Shasta is literally either in front of you or just over your shoulder wherever you go. Even when indoors we could count on a window strategically placed for a view or at the very least a photo, painting or mural of the mighty mountain.

Mount Shasta’s lofty peak seems a resting place for the clouds. One particular type of cigar or flying saucer shaped cloud that often encircles the peak, gives Mount Shasta the appearance of wearing a halo. Shasta’s “halo” was the subject of many dramatic and ethereal looking photographs, postcards, posters and book covers being sold around town. Our “halo” photo is a little wimpy in comparison.

Great mountains have always inspired devotion and myth making. So it is not surprising that many spiritualists consider Mount Shasta among the great holy mountains of the world and a cosmic power center. To get a sense of this devotion all one has to do is remember The Harmonic Convergence of 1987 when throngs of people from around the world converged on Mount Shasta to welcome the advent of the Aquarian Age. Some of these folks never left … more about that later.

The snowy peaks of Mount Shasta beckoned us to come closer … so we drove the short scenic Everitt Memorial Highway to Bunny Flat (elevation 6950 feet). From a scenic lookout along the way we were able to see Mount Lassen and a couple of other peaks. We didn’t see a soul on our drive up so, when we arrived at the Bunny Flat trailhead, we were shocked to see more than a hundred people donning gear to either hike or ski the snow packed peaks.

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