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Wallace is the Center of the Universe. This mind-boggling fact was recently discovered by strict application of EPA-based logic. For a detailed explanation of this phenomenon, click on the manhole cover.

WallaceThe Silver City

Wallace, Idaho is a gem … of all the historic towns in the Silver Valley (the richest silver region in the world) … it is the best preserved. Wallace had everything to make us “happy campers” … history, great architecture, historic restaurants, unique stores, cyber cafes and interesting museums. For years Wallace had the dubious distinction of having the only stoplight on I-90 between Seattle and Boston. Now that the interstate bypasses the town, Wallace is a pedestrian friendly place to saunter around and soak up the historic tales of mining, prospectors, brothels and bawdy boom times.

Because of a fire in 1910 that destroyed most of the city, the downtown area was rebuilt with masonry structures featuring turreted and ornate storefronts. Wallace is rich with many fine example of this wonderfully detailed architecture from the early 1900’s.

We became fascinated with the old signs on many of the buildings and the second story windows that watched over the business district.

One of structures to survive the devastating 1910 fire was The Oasis. Shockingly, this was just one of the five brothels that operated without hindrance on Wallace's main street until 1973.

As usual, our first stop when we came to town was the restored Carnegie Library. It is one of four remaining Carnegie Libraries still in operation in the state of Idaho. The exterior has been lovingly restored. However, little remains of the library’s original interior.

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