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Are there really 10,000 lakes in Minnesota? In the spirit of an honest and full disclosure, we think an audit is required.

We weren’t expecting our trip to Minnesota to be about brutal weather and a national calamity, but it was. The summer of '07 wasn’t kind to Minnesota … the 35W Bridge collapsed in Minneapolis, a severe drought withered the corn crop and sudden torrential rains brought disastrous flooding. On a positive note, Minnesota’s notorious mosquitoes were almost nonexistent (except for the few that found Danny).

Our biggest surprise was learning that Minnesota is the birthplace of Pillsbury, General Mills, Green Giant, 3M, Target, Best Buy, Sears, Greyhound Bus Lines, Hormel, Tonka Trucks ... and our favorite, the William Marvy Company … the last manufacturer of barber poles in North America.

Pipestone — Home of the Red Stone Pipe (July 2007)

New Ulm — The most German town in the U.S. (July 2007)

Blue Earth and Fairmont (July 2007)

Askov (August 2007)

Mora (August 2007)

Hinckley (August 2007)

Owatonna (October 2007)

Taylors Falls (September 2007)

Austin (October 2007)

Red Wing (October 2007)

North Shore Drive (September 2007)

Minneapolis (July & August 2007)


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