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Downtown — A Dazzling Metropolis

We absolutely adore downtown Minneapolis … it is vibrant, cosmopolitan and has just the right mix of turn of the century and modern architecture. The cultural and commercial soul of the downtown area is Nicollet Mall … a beautifully designed world class shopping promenade.

The dazzle of the glass and mirrored skyscrapers in downtown Minneapolis made our heads spin. Minnesota's freezing winters have necessitated the development of one of the world's most elaborate and convenient systems of skyways.

Remember the opening credits of "The Mary Tyler Moore Show," when Mary flings her tam o’shanter cap into the air with careless abandon? That scene was filmed on Nicollet Mall. Her iconic toss is captured in this sculpture … the attached plaque asks the question: "Who can turn the world on with her smile?" Click here to read about the controversy surrounding the statue.

Just off Nicollet Mall, Danny spotted this mural depicting a musical score from Ravel.

Sherry was crushed when we couldn’t tour the Foshay Tower … it was in the process of being converted to luxury apartments. Built in1929. this art deco style building was Minneapolis’s first skyscraper.

It is hard to ignore the many turreted roof of the Minneapolis City Hall … it took almost 20 years to build and covers an entire city block. The 345-foot four-faced clock tower has faces larger than those of Big Ben.

The interior rotunda contains marble, stained glass, iron stairs and a monumental statue entitled, Father of the Waters. Sherry followed the tradition and rubbed his big toe for good luck.

The 4th Street entrance has been restored to its original 1906 grandeur.


Look up! All four floors open up to the rotunda ... giving the interior an expansive feeling.

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Minneapolis has two seasons: Road Removal and Snow Repair.

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