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Sixty-seven percent of New Ulm’s population is of German ancestry, as a result, the 2000 Census officially declared New Ulm the most German town in the U.S.

The most German town in the U.S.

New Ulm is a town of many festivals and a healthy dose of "Gemütlichkeit." We planned our visit during one of their newest celebrations … the Bavarian Blast. Under a large white tent, an authentic Bavarian “Biergärten” with row after row of long tables provided the perfect atmosphere to enjoy an afternoon filled with music, food and of course …beer! While listening to the German bands, we gorged ourselves on grilled sausages, sauerkraut, spaetzle, and delicious German potato salad. Did we mention the beer?

New Ulm’s festivals are an excuse for the locals to don their lederhosen, alpine hats and bring out the town gnomes.

Sherry made a new friend on the way into the festival.

The brass band Diefatshefara Musikanten (what a mouthful!) flew in from Germany for the festival. They announced that this was their first visit to the U.S. Their excitement and enthusiasm was delightful … and their German accents were charming.

Nothing exemplifies New Ulm’s German heritage more than the colossal Hermann Monument.  Old “Herman the German”, in his winged helmet, has been brandishing his sword over New Ulm since 1897.

Inspired by a similar monument in Detmold, Germany, the monument was commissioned by the German fraternal organization, the Sons of Hermann.


Fighting vertigo and exhaustion, Danny managed to climb the 99 steps of the narrow spiral staircases to the top of the monument.

Danny was surprised to find the inside of the dome to be constructed of brick ... and even more stairs to climb.

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