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Bozeman — Montana’s "Yuppie" City

With our first glimpse of Bozeman, it was love at first sight. Bozeman is different from the other Montana towns we have visited … it is sophisticated, upscale and fun. Home to Montana State University, the college lifestyle permeates the town. Statistics show that the bulk of the town's population is highly educated—more than half of the adult residents hold at least a bachelor's degree.

Bozeman’s Main Street retains vestiges of the city’s comfortable old character. Many of the 19th century buildings have been shined up to house unique shops, coffee cafes, restaurants and art galleries. We especially loved browsing at F-11 Photo, a remarkable camera store, and Vargo's Jazz City and Books.

Bozeman’s historic Carnegie library (1902) was built in the shadow of the former red light district. It underwent extensive restoration in 1998 and now houses law offices.

The residential area adjacent to downtown is lined with dozens of houses, ranging from small cottages to large mansions. Most were designed by the Paris trained architect Fred F. Willson.

This Queen Anne Victorian was built in 1897 for a prominent Bozeman brewmaster. It now serves as a fashionable B &B.

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