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West Yellowstone Gateway to Yellowstone Park

West Yellowstone is a full tilt boogie tourist town filled with gift shops, cafes, fly-fishing shops and motels. It didn’t take us long to learn that the town’s heritage and Yellowstone National Park are intricately intertwined.

The Madison Hotel was constructed of notched logs in 1912. It exemplifies the historic façade found throughout West Yellowstone. Click here  to see the rock outside the Hotel that has marked the corner as a stage stop since 1910.


 Eagle’s Curios is a local landmark and contains a vintage soda fountain … the back bar dates back to the original 1910 building; the rest of the fountain was installed in 1930.


Two examples of vintage signs that give West Yellowstone an "out of the past" ambiance.


Not all historic facades have been preserved. Above is how Smith & Chandler looks today ... below is the original 1925 façade. We prefer the original, but nevertheless, Smith & Chandler is the best store in town.


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