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The Auburn Post Office was constructed in 1936 and still contains much of the original interior. The most prominent feature is the 1938 WPA mural entitled "Threshing" by Ethel Magafan. You can click here for a closer look.

Auburn Small Town USA

Although we spent only a couple of hours in Auburn, it was just enough time to for us to become nostalgic for Small Town USA. We ate lunch at the Family Connection ... a favorite eatery where farmers in overalls easily mix with the professionals in suits.

The small downtown is vibrant, but nothing special. It wasn’t until we drove around the residential neighborhoods that we came to appreciate Auburn’s charm. We were amazed at how grand the homes were and how many of streets still had their original brick paving.

We're suckers for homes that feature a "Witch's Hat." We found these two first-class examples just two blocks apart on 14th Street.

This Queen Anne beauty, located at 1021 17th Street, is one of our favorites.

There are at least 5 homes in Auburn that are among the first pre-cut houses sold by Sears in the early 1900's. This gem is located at 1416 17th Street.

Sherry's favorite: the Italianate style Wilber Reed House. Built in 1884-85, this was the home to an early pioneer who operated a general merchandise store.

The Old Carson National Bank is located in a small and charming commercial district away from the downtown.

The Nemaha County Courthouse ... built in 1889 and completed in 1900 ... is a prime example of the Richardsonian Romanesque style.

The New Opera House (1890) — Arguably the most photographed building in Auburn.

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