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This mural in the Brownville’s small post office, depicts life in Brownville in the 1800’a. Sherry is still amazed how women maneuvered around in those huge hoop skirts.

Brownville — Oldest Little River Town in Nebraska

Poking around the tiny Village of Brownville is like walking through a living museum. Tiny is the operative word … today Brownville has a population of less than 150, no services except for a restaurant, post office and a Main street that is less than two blocks long. There are just enough historic structures left to evoke the glory days when Brownville was a rip roaring steamboat town on the Missouri River.

The Brown-Carson House was originally built by Richard Brown founder of Brownville in 1860.

Many of the old one story wooden buildings on Main Street contain small museums. We especially enjoyed the Wheel Museum housed in the historic livery stable. It was here, among the vintage carriages and wagons that we found the biggest surprise of our visit … several dozen Native American portraits taken by the 19th century photographer F.A. Rinehart. These dramatic photos give credence to those who credit him with raising portraiture photography to an art form.

These portraits where commissioned as a part of the 1898 Trans Mississippi and International Exposition. Click here to view additional Rinehart Native American portraits.

Brownville Mills is a somewhat cluttered health foods store that occupies what was once the Lone Tree Saloon. The elderly shopkeeper showed us a faded photo that depicted a group of unsavory looking men posing outside the original saloon.

Located a few blocks from Main Street is the Muir House. Built in the 1870's, it is one of the grandest in Brownville.

The Captain Bailey House now houses the Brownville Museum. This seven-gabled Victorian house was built in 1858 with brick manufactured in Brownville. It is a quaint example of Gothic Revival architecture.

Danny loved the Oscar Lake House. Built in 1857 it was known as the October House.


Sherry spotted this tidy little pink-trimmed cottage while we cruised down Main Street.

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