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Work All Day — Fiddle All Night

The highlight of our stay in Guthrie was a visit to Byron Berline's Double Stop Fiddle Shop and Music Hall. If you have never heard of Byron, chances are pretty good you've heard him playing fiddle or mandolin on a recording somewhere. To learn more about this virtuoso ... click here.

The Fiddle Shop is located across the street from the Four String Banjo Museum. The retail store is on the first floor while the Music Hall occupies the upper floor. Notice the fiddles hanging in the windows on the third floor.

Located in the back room is the candy store for musicians.

Byron was kind enough to tell us the history of the guitars in the showcase ... along with the old photos on the wall. Very impressive.

Our mission at the Fiddle Shop was to confirm our reservations for the upcoming concert at the Music Hall. So click on the "Next" button below ... and let's head upstairs for some music.

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