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Guthrie is known as the "Magic City" because it quite literally sprang up within hours of the greatest rush for real estate in the history of mankind …the great Oklahoma Land Run of 1889.

The Magic City

Guthrie is one of the most memorable places we have visited. This small town has dazzling architecture, brick streets, a unique history, a multitude of museums, friendly residents and a world renowned bluegrass music hall to boot. This could be paradise except for one thing… the hot humid weather. We had to spend several hours in a shelter due to a SEVERE T-storm warning … luckily the predicted baseball size hail and 95 mile an hour winds didn’t materialize.

Guthrie’s Historic District, which was recently designated as a National Historic Monument, is HUGE. In fact it is the largest in the U.S. …. encompassing more than 2,169 buildings, 1,400 acres and 400 city blocks.

The town's architectural style was set by Joseph Foucart, a Paris trained architect. His De Steiguer Building (1890) shows that he certainly had a flair for turrets, spires and other exotic flourishes.

Memories of the Chicago fire led many cities to construct fireproof downtown buildings. Most of Guthrie’s downtown is constructed from native red sandstone and brick.

The De Ford building has some of most elaborate and colorful windows in town.

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