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Eugene has numerous tree canopied streets with older craftsman and Victorian homes … most notable is the Shelton-McMurphey-Johnson House ... aka "the Castle on the Hill".

Eugene — Gray Skies and Tie Dye

Eugene is proud of the fact that it’s the epicenter of Oregon’s counter culture … even the Visitor Center sells tie dyed tee shirts. However, in spite of all the colorful tie dye, the dreary gray skies took a disturbing toll on our collective consciousness. Danny was constantly complaining that he was unable to take decent photos. "It's all about the light."

A colorful contrast to the gray skies is Eugene’s weekly open air market … a colorful mix of local handcrafts, live music, international foods, a farmers market and lots of tie dye.

Downtown is a "happening place" … filled with college students, bicycles, sidewalk cafes and whimsical artwork.

Sherry found it easy to blend in while in Eugene.

Downtown has a pleasant mix of historic buildings and modern architecture. The McDonald Theater  is a local institution and is operated by the family of the author Ken Kesey, a Eugene icon.

The Art Deco Schaefer Building is especially attractive with its decorative chevron motifs.

The Oregon Electric Station  restaurant has retained much of the original depot and is the depository of a wonderful collection of historic photos and railroad memorabilia. One unusual feature is that one can eat in a vintage dining car … however, the seats did not look very comfortable.

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