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One of the many historic homes of McMinnville.

Downtown McMinnville

When we drove into the historic downtown of McMinnville, it was love at first sight. Danny was immediately scanning the real estate ads and almost hired a moving van. When we learned that it can snow our enthusiasm was tempered slightly … but not entirely extinguished. The town has everything needed to make for a charming retirement area … Linfield College (a liberal arts school established in 1848), renowned wineries in the surrounding countryside, two brew pubs, a variety of restaurants and the Archway Cookie Company (Danny loves their old fashioned molasses cookies).

3rd Street, the heart of McMinnville’s historic district, has no parking meters and is filled with unique shops, restaurants, coffee houses … and an art theater called the Mack … a fixture of downtown since 1941. At another downtown theater patrons sit at tables and eat pizza while viewing the feature. These folks really know how to live.

We were here a short time but there were many activities scheduled. We especially enjoyed the brown bag music event held downtown each Thursday. The city closes off one of the shady side streets and provides tables and chairs for people to enjoy a wide range of music. We joined the locals and munched our lunch while enjoying a 4 piece band called the Gypsy Cabs. Their music was reminisce of Django Reinhardt and was absolutely delightful.

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