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An inviting moss & fern drenched pathway at Silver Falls State Park.

Silver Falls Scenic Drive

Driving Oregon Route 214 is a bucolic fantasy. This two lane road twists through scenic hills and valleys that are dotted with small farms growing flowers and Christmas trees. We were enjoying watching the Hispanic farm workers shaping the trees to perfection when suddenly we found ourselves in the dark forest of Silver Falls State Park. As we drove deeper into the park, we felt transported to a mystical place…it was dark, wet with old growth Douglas firs, enormous sword ferns and moss growing everywhere.

Of the park’s ten waterfalls, South Falls is the most accessible. After a short stroll along the rim of the Silver Creek Canyon, we were able to hear and feel the mist as the water dropped 177 feet over moss draped rocks. Danny was energetic and walked down a steep trail to get an up close and personal view from behind the falls.

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