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Davenport, Iowa — 2nd & Harrison Streets — circa 1907. Click on the photo for a much larger version.

pan·o·ram·a  — A picture or series of pictures representing a continuous scene, often exhibited a part at a time by being unrolled and passed before the spectator.

I first became interested in panoramic photography back in 1981 while motorcycling through the Alps with a fellow named Mark Segal. I had seen many "pans" before ... in antique stores, pubs  and museums ... but I really didn't understand how they were made.

Mark was using a Kodak Cirkut camera — circa 1916 ... which was the weapon of choice back then (many are still in use today). It was big and heavy ... as well as time consuming to set up. Not to mention a pain in the ass to strap to the back of a BMW motorcycle! But in the hands of a professional it produced remarkable results. Among my most prized possessions are several of the panoramas Mark created during our alpine adventure.

Today, through the miracle of digital photography and "stitching" software, any semi-skilled moron like me can produce a decent looking panorama. You can see some of my results in the Panorama Gallery.

— Danny

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The enjoyment of solitude and the beauty of undefiled panoramas are absolutely essential to happiness.

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