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In the Lone Star State the King of Cattle is the Texas Longhorn. We were surprised to learn that these fabled beasts, who once roamed the state by the millions, were nearly extinct by the 1920’s. They didn’t vanish as the buffalo did in an astounding slaughter, but were almost bred away. Click here to learn more about this legendary animal, cattle drives and how the Federal Government intervened to save this icon of the Old West. Today there are 250,000 registered longhorns in the state of Texas … their allure remains powerful, especially to a type of Texan not quite extinct yet either.

Although we have passed through the Texas panhandle numerous times on I-40 ... to get from here to there ... 2008 marked our first journey "deep in the heart of Texas." We love this great state ... and plan to come back as often as possible.

Fort Stockton







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