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This old Buick sign certainly grabbed Danny's attention.

He was delighted to find this svelte 1950 Buick Super ... with the distinctive bucktooth grille ... on the showroom floor.

We love tracking down old WPA murals, so we couldn’t resist going to Fredericksburg's Post Office to see the 1939 mural by Otis Dozier entitled "Loading Cattle." You can click here to view a larger image.

We’re always a sucker for murals, but were unprepared when we saw the massive 80 foot mural in the Java Ranch Espresso Bar and Cafe. Local mural and trompe l’oeil artists, Lee and Matt Casbeer paint faces that are so realistic that it’s actually startling to see. Want to see a bigger image?

Tucked away in an alley off Main Street is the most fabulous bakery we have encountered … Rather Sweet Bakery and Cafe. Known as the Pastry Queen, Rebecca Rather’s cheddar cheese and bacon scones, lemon blueberry muffins, carrot cakes, lemon bars and brownies are legendary. We found ourselves repeatedly standing in front of the display case trying to decide what we couldn’t live without.

This building is known as the Domino Parlor. Built in the early 1850s, it has served as a pharmacy, jewelry and music store, cafe and ... yes, a domino parlor. You can see a larger photo by clicking here.

A visit to Fredericksburg wouldn't be complete without a visit to Porky's. This place serves up the best burgers, fries and malts in town. A well worn and creaky wooden floor greeted us as we entered through the back door. Porky's clientele ... a steady stream of mostly locals ... are encouraged to write on the walls. Charming indeed!

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