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The legendary Texas hamlet of Luckenbach is located on a bend in a small country road … the turnoff is marked but rather easy to miss. Under the trees along Grape Creek this legendary spot was founded in 1849.

Luckenbach isn’t just any ordinary place … it is a Mecca for country western fans. Decades ago this small dot on the big Texas map was immortalized by Willie Nelson and Waylon Jennings when they extolled the virtue of this almost forgotten place in such songs as Luckenbach Texas and Back to the Basics. Its iconic status was forever sealed when Willie Nelson held his July 4th Picnic here for five straight years in the mid 1990’s. We became aware of Luckenbach back in the in the 1970’s when Jerry Jeff Walker recorded his live album, Viva Terlingqua here …with standards like “Mr Bojangles” and “Up Against the Wall Red Neck Mothers”, we have to confess that Jerry Jeff is our absolute favorite troubadour and outlaw country rocker ... and we certainly miss ol' Waylon.

This weathered building, combination post office, general store and bar, was opened for business in 1849. Today the small store is filled with so much weird stuff from souvenirs to floor wax that it’s hard to know what’s for sale and what’s display. Can’t mail a postcard from here … the Luckenbach Post Office was discontinued in 1971.

In the back of the general store, the small old-fashioned bar sells long-necked bottles of Texas brew. A sign reminds you: "If you're drinking to forget, please pay in advance." You can click here for a larger view.

Luckenbach is a very mellow place to hang out. Although there is a steady stream of people, everyone seems to find a spot where they can down their beer and listen to the music. It’s said that there’s usually some sort of music happening at Luckenbach’s … we weren’t disappointed since sitting around the old wood burning stove we found two local musicians strumming their guitars.

Luckenbach’s primary attraction is its old wood-plank dance hall. The best regional country and western acts headline on the weekends, though big names are said to drift in on occasion to perform unannounced. It looked like a comfortable place to dance or just sit back and enjoy the music … we could almost hear the floor creak from the crowds of two-steppers circling that wonderful old floor.

Luckenbach was a ghost town when local personality and humorist John Russell "Hondo" Crouch  bought the property in 1970.  He promoted its rustic atmosphere and coined the memorable phrase “Everybody’s somebody in Luckenbach.” … a motto so popular that we regularity saw it on bumper stickers, t-shirts, and bandanas.

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Between Hank Williams pain songs, Newberry's train songs and blue eyes cryin' in the rain,out in Luckenbach Texas ain't nobody feelin' no pain.

— Waylon Jennings —