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Beaver: Experience the Grandeur

Beaver is reminiscent of the small decaying Texas town portrayed in the movie The Last Picture Show. Like the film, the town’s overall faded and vacant appearance is symbolized by the closure of the local theater in 2002.

There is virtually no shopping or entertainment within the city. The small Beaver Variety store located downtown has been in operation since the 1940s and is the town’s only shopping venue … it literally has a little bit of everything. The clerk said the town really needed the store since residents have to drive 50 miles to Cedar City … “the big city” … to shop.

The dominate building in the downtown area is the stately Territorial Courthouse with its ornate clock tower. It was built in 1877 and served Beaver County until 1975. It now houses the local historical museum. The museum was closed for the winter, but we learned that it contained an original Farnsworth TV. Farnsworth, the "Father of Television", was born in a cabin outside of town and is memorialized with a statue in the pioneer park adjacent to the Courthouse. (Is that a Genoa salami or a giant pill he's holding?) Another Beaver “celebrity” is the infamous Butch Cassidy who was born here in 1866 to Mormon immigrants.

The city’s post office is unique in that it has retained much of its original 1940’s interior ... including a wonderful WPA mural.

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