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The “Welcome to Brigham” archway  has greeted visitors  since 1928.

Brigham City — Beef, Peaches and GI Joe

Brigham City is a small unassuming town that’s fun to poke around in. What we enjoyed most, however, were the sights and food just minutes from the center of town.

The Fruitway, as U.S. 89 just south of town is known, is where a string of old fashioned fruit stands sell orchard fresh produce.   For the past hundred years, Brigham has been celebrating the area's most notable crop during it's annual Peach Days.  

The Sputnik-like sign ringed with glittery letters spelling out Maddox Fine Food stands out like an exclamation point on U.S. 89. Danny preferred the "R. Crumb style" sign for the Drive-In.

We couldn’t get enough of the beef at the Maddox Ranch House, a family owned landmark that has been an eaters destination since the 1940s. We ate homegrown, hormone free and aged steaks in the knotty pine restaurant (served with iced well water), and then returned to the adjacent drive-in for unbelievably delicious burgers ... served by a roller skating car hop.

For those who needed a Maddox beef fix on the run there is always the drive thru.

Just a few miles northeast of town the Box Elder Canyon was ablaze with fall colors.

Quite a few buildings had brick fronts and exposed rugged stone walls. A notable example is the 1891 Horsley Building.

Back in the heart of downtown we enjoyed being tourists … gawking at the preserved 19th century architecture and of course eating at places like the Idle Isle, a diner with an old soda fountain that is little changed from the 1920's. We learned later that it is the third oldest restaurant in Utah.

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