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Logan Canyon Scenic Drive

Inspired by an article in USA Today listing the 10 best fall color drives, we were eager to see Logan Canyon. The 40 mile drive from Logan to Bear Lake would be scenic anytime of the year but is truly spectacular in the fall. We were not disappointed even though we missed the peak color by a couple of weeks. The lower canyon contains limestone cliffs carved by the swift flowing Logan River and groves of quaking aspen and pine trees. The road climbs gradually over the Bear mountains.

When you reach the 3000 ft Bear Lake Summit you catch your first view of Bear Lake with its white sandy beaches and pale turquoise color. The lake’s famed color is thought to be caused by limestone particles suspended in the water. It comes as no surprise that this beautiful lake was the summer home of the Shoshones and, beginning in 1826, the spot where the Rocky Mountain Fur Company held their annual mountain man rendezvous’. The lake still retains its natural beauty even though the shores are now lined with summer homes and marinas.

From the summit the road descends steeply to the lake side town of Garden City. This tiny town (population 300) is renowned for its raspberries. Numerous drive-ins line the streets selling everything raspberry. Stopping at Le Beau’s Drive-in won’t disappoint. You wouldn’t expect a phenomenal meal from a roadside stand, but the cheeseburger, fries and raspberry shakes are almost more memorable than the quaking aspens. Be sure to look for the giant raspberry shake cup in the sky!

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