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The city block surrounding the Logan Tabernacle offers a park like setting right in the heart of downtown.

Logan — Heart of the Cache Valley

Half the fun of visiting the picturesque town of Logan is the drive through the bucolic Cache Valley. As we approached Logan, we were captivated by the dramatic alpine mountain peaks that surround the city. The scenery gave us the sense of being transported to Bavaria. However, the town’s Mormon heritage soon starts to dominate the landscape. From atop a prominent hilltop, a large gothic looking Mormon Temple looms over the town.

Logan has a long history of being the primary supply town for the smaller communities in the Cache Valley. With this in mind, it’s not surprising that over the last 2 years every conceivable big box store and restaurant chain now line the north end of Main Street. Despite this exploding commercial growth, Logan has managed to maintain a charming downtown filled with small shops and elegant architecture.

The Bluebird Café, one of Utah's oldest restaurants, has been on Logan’s Main Street since 1914, when it began as a soda fountain and candy store.

The present day building was constructed in the early 1920’s and some of the fixtures including the marble soda fountain and rich wood fixtures from that era still remain.

The Utah Theater is a standout with its brightly colored tile.

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