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Snow Canyon State Park is tucked away in the hills west of St George. It is a small gem of colorful and scenic beauty and it offers an alternative to the better known and crowded national parks. It is well hidden and there are few signposts indicating the way. The entrance can be found only after navigating pass endless tracts of retirement homes that butt right up against the park boundary. Despite its name, Snow Canyon rarely sees snow and instead is named after the Mormon Prophet Lorenzo Snow.

The short scenic drive through the canyon passes through red and white sandstone cliffs, twisted rock layers and lava flows. The native red and white Navajo sandstone, capped by an overlay of black lava rock, provides a unique and stunning scene. Packed in to this small canyon are several extinct volcanoes with their associated cinder cones, as well as numerous hiking trails leading to lava caves, sand dunes, colorful side canyons and ancient Indian petroglyphs.

We hiked the very short and easy Jenny’s trail which led us to a small narrow sculpted slot canyon. The trail was marked by a variety of desert plants and a dry river bed while providing an array of “in your face” views of the canyon walls.

After exiting the park, we discovered that the best view of the canyon was from a scenic overlook on Highway 18. It is here that we were able to take some impressive panoramas while realizing that we really needed to purchase a tripod.

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