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Dazzling Scenic Beauty: Parks, Lakes and Moss

B-Ham, or just Ham as the locals say, is surrounded by natural beauty … the San Juan Islands to the west and snow capped Mount Baker to the east. There are forests, lakes and waterfalls, just minutes from downtown … in fact one of every seven acres is a greenbelt, park or natural reserve. To say that the city is green is an understatement. Moss grows everywhere … on roof tops, in sidewalk cracks and fences. With the abundance of scenic beauty, it’s not hard to understand why Bellingham is often ranked as one of best places to live in the United States.

Of the city’s seventeen or so parks, our favorite is Whatcom Falls Park. Surrounded by homes, it is a cool, shady retreat with well worn paths stretching for several miles beneath big firs along Whatcom Creek. A memorable sight is where the creek cascades beneath the moss-draped Whatcom Falls Bridge. This beautiful sandstone structure was built in 1939 by the Works Progress Administration (WPA). Danny shot a couple of nice panoramas here ... you can view them at our Panorama Gallery.

Another favorite is the Big Rock Garden ... tucked away in a residential neighborhood, it is an oasis of tranquility featuring outdoor sculptures ... and wet leaves!

Because of gray skies we weren’t able to view one of the renowned sunsets from the new Zuanich Point Park, on the north shore of Bellingham Bay. We enjoyed the peaceful views and the vitality that emanated from the nearby waterfront restaurants, active net sheds, and the Squalicum Harbor marina. One of the park's most poignant features is the fisherman's memorial entitled Safe Return, a sculpture of a commercial fisherman casting a line into eternity.

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