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Dick and Jane’s Spot

"Art for the heart, from the heart, in the heart of Washington."

You can’t miss Dick and Jane’s Spot on Pearl Street. The red wood frame house with the blue tin roof can only be described as an artistic wonderland. The surrounding fence and small yard are a dazzling display of bottle caps, reflectors and an odd collection of recycled bits and pieces.

Dick Elliott (sculptor) and Jane Orleman (painter) are well respected artists who started their exterior decorating back in 1980. The story is that they cohabited with a dog named Spot, so the name came naturally.

There is a kiosk on the corner with an address book where we dutifully signed our names. After we left, we began to wonder what the interior must look like.

Be sure to check out Dick and Jane's Web Spot to learn more about the artists, view additional photos and read a mind boggling list of the media coverage their home has generated.

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