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We stumbled across this colorful pocket park near the State History Museum. Click on the photo to see detail of the garden door.

Union Station Historic District

From the highway Tacoma appears to be nothing but a gray industrial port. When we entered the Union Station historic district our dire assessment was dispelled. This area is colorful and a real showcase for the beauty that can be found within the city. We were envious of the folks living in the surrounding luxury condos that have panoramic views of the city skyline, Thea Foss Waterway, Mount Rainier and the historic buildings that have been refurbished to house restaurants and specialty shops.

You can click on the photo above to see details of the opposite side.

The centerpiece of the district is the historic 1911 Union Station. After falling into disuse, the station was restored during the 1990s and now serves as the lobby for the Federal Courthouse. This is an extraordinary copper domed Beaux Arts structure with a lobby filled with exhibitions of Chihuly glass

Post 9/11 security precautions mandated that IDs be shown before entering the beautiful lobby. Unfortunately Sherry did not have hers, so under the stern watchful eye of a federal guard (in the photo), she could only peek at the lobby from the guard station.

The fellow to the right is still waiting for his train.


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